How to Prepare Leather Craft Toys

How to Prepare Leather Craft Toys

How to Prepare Leather Craft Toys

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Leather Craft is the practice of making toys, Craftsman use proper shaping, and coloring techniques to create the leather toys.

Craftsman use the Paper Missi , dry gajar ghas , some wires and steel rod to prepare the leather craft items these are the very basic row materials to create toys, most of the  leather toys are used for home decoration. Toys can also prepare for different cloths and colors so that they look good and view as real.

Paper Missi

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Craftsmen first create the basic skeleton. He first makes an armature with steel wires to act as the frame on which rest of the raw material will be supported. This is covered with tightly packed (dry gajar Ghas) or waste paper, bound with strings to hold it together. This makes the body of the animal. It is this expertise of the craftsman to understand the structure of animal from a photograph and bring it out in three dimensions that makes this craft so singular. Once the cardboard dries, it can be coated with leather when required on the basis of the leather quality the finishing come on the animals. Wet leather is beaten to increase its softness and flexibility. The craftsmen cover the animal structure with leather, taking care not to leave any unwanted wrinkles or folds. So neat is the leather coating, that it is difficult to find its edges.

Owns the animal shapes are dried craftsman put the eyes of the animal which is made by glass or plastic. A final coat of leather polish completes the process.

Craft Work


From processing of raw material to the finishing of the product, every process is done by craftsman without the use of any machines, All the work done by the craftsman in the houses.

paper missi


Cow craft

All types of animals from elephants, cows, horses, zebra, Barasinghas, lions, tigers and many more animals toys prepared by the craftsman. Craftsmen can make an accurate structure of the animal, complete with the details of positions and muscular curves and then finally paint the animals with the shades of skin color. Craftsman can create any size of animals. Basically they are created in 8, 12 15, 18, 24 Inches, These sizes are popular in market.

Craftman Finishing the work

This leather animal export in large market. These animal are used as a decoration of your drawing room, hall and shops etc.


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